Oct 5, 2012

Letter To Uromi Sons And Daughters part Two

Story by Prince DeWinner J Okoduwa

Barr Dom Okojie side of the story, that he was asked by Prince Steve Ibadin, to sell his house in Benin and it was sold at 5.5 million naira and he was given his commission and thenafter Prince Steve Ibadin boarded flight to Lagos.

That he also assisted Prince Steve Ibadin to sell his two pieces of land at Agba Grammar School area and New Agbor road respectively, and he handed over the money to Mr Okasa, a reputable seasoned Uromi to Lagos driver and Prince Steve wrote him back to acknowledge the receipt of the money.
That the rent value of the whole Benin property was 90,000 naira a year as at that time and the 5.5 million naira was value for money. That to his surprise Prince Ibadin, later reported to his brother, Prince Friday a medical director at UBTH and a meeting was held by Ibadin family, and outcome was to Barr Dom's favour.

That at a stage petition against Barr Dom Okojie was made to NBA Disciplinary Committee and a 25 member panel was constituted in Abuja, and its proceeding took five days to arrive at judgement in favour of Barr Dom Okojie. Barr Dom Okojie, vehemently told me, that Prince Steve Ibadin should report him to the police or EFCC, that he is conscious of the ethics of his profession and that he has never been arrested in his life and that house is not just akara you sell on the street. That he would read Prince Ibadin's post on Uromi Voice. He also asked me, if a house is sold twice? I said no. My people I have spent sleepless night investigating this matter, at least to hear from Barr Dom Okojie. My eyes are a bit tired now. So my people you can compare both sides of the story. I stand for truth. God bless Prince Steve Ibadin, Barr Godwin Okpere and Barr Dom Okojie.